from by Sorceress



Without a name and no age

and no way to know how to get around

Don't check your pockets, you got no money

Just hypothetically, what would you do?

Would you take it as a chance to start again?

You could change your name, change your age

You could be ten years younger, if it was believable,

I think you could get away with it

Don’t look in the mirror

Just keep on playing along, playing along, playing along


You doubt much

Just let me be

For a minute

No I don't wanna think about it

Just let me be

If you let the doubt creep in

Its gonna make itself at home

and you dont want that no

(What's that freeloading on my mind)

And if you let the doubt creep in

you’re as good as sold

What a waste of something beautiful

(Stop that freeloading on my mind)

But you can make it right!

I believe!


from Dose, released May 20, 2014


all rights reserved


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